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Reactis API Names

Coverage Metric NamesNames of the Coverage Metrics Tracked by Reactis.

Coverage Metric Names

Names of the Coverage Metrics Tracked by Reactis.

Subsystem Conditional Subsystems.
Branch Branches in Simulink blocks.
State Stateflow States.
ConditionAction Stateflow Condition Actions.
TransitionAction Stateflow Transition Actions.
CSEPT Child State Exit via Parent Transition
Condition Stateflow/Simulink/C Conditions.
Decision Stateflow/Simulink/C Decisions.
MCDC Modified condition/decision coverage.
MCC Multiple condition coverage.
Boundary Input boundary values.
LookupDetail Lookup table coverage.
CStatement C statements.
CFunction C functions.
CFunctionCall C function calls.
EmlStatement Embedded MATLAB statements.
UserTarget User-Defined Targets.
Assertion Assertions.