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Reactis API V2023

Shared by all Bindings

Global Parameters

IntroductionReactis parameters set from File -> Global Settings... in the Reactis GUI.
GeneralOptions from the General pane of the Global Settings dialog.
Reactis for CSettings related to Reactis for C Plugin.
Embedded MATLABSettings related to Embedded MATLAB (EML) Plugin.
MATLABSettings configure Reactis interaction with MATLAB.
PathSettings configure the Global Reactis path.
FilesSettings to configure where Reactis stores files it creates.
User InfoSettings to configure information Reactis will report to the license server.

Model-Specific and Harness-Library-Specific Parameters

IntroductionParameters edited with Reactis Info File Editor and stored in .rsi file or edited with the Reactis for C Harness Editor and stored in .rsh file.
GeneralParameters set using the General pane of the Reactis Info File Editor.
Error CheckingParameters set in the Error Checking pane of the Info File Editor.
Coverage MetricsParameters set in the Coverage Metrics pane of the Info File Editor.
C CodeParameters set in the C Code pane of the Info File Editor.
CallbacksParameters set in the Callbacks pane of the Info File Editor.
Search PathParameters set in the Search Path pane of the Info File Editor.

Tester Additional Parameters

Parameter ListFormat of the additional parameters string argument to rsTester.

Reactis API Names

Coverage Metric NamesNames of the Coverage Metrics Tracked by Reactis.
Assertion Category NamesNames of the Assertion Categories Tracked by Reactis.

C Coverage Export Details

IntroductionFormat of CSV files exported by rsSimExportCCoverageDetails
C Code Coverage FileCSV file containing C code coverage information.
Macro Information FileCSV file containing macro information.