FAQ: Product Independent - Getting Help

How do I get support by phone?

Reactive Systems welcomes user feedback and questions. To ask questions, make suggestions, or report suspected bugs, users may call Reactive Systems' help line at +1 919-324-3507 option 2.

How do I get support via email?

Please send email to help@reactive-systems.com. When sending email, users are encouraged to include the "System Info" information for their Reactis installation in question; this can be obtained by selecting the Help -> About menu item from the top-level Reactis window, then clicking Copy To Clipboard and pasting the information into the email message.

Is context-sensitive help available?

Yes, context-sensitive help is available from most Reactis windows and dialogs by pressing the F1 key, clicking a Help button, or selecting an item from a Help menu.

How can I view the Reactis documentation?

Electronic versions of the user guides for all products (in both HTML and PDF format) are available from the support section of the website as well as from the in-tool help menus in Reactis. Documentation for prior versions of Reactis is available in the Reactis Documentation Archive.