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June 3, 2023
Reactis FAQ

FAQ: Reactis for Simulink


• What is Reactis?
• What is the Reactis for EML Plugin?
• What is the Reactis for C Plugin?
• What is Reactis Model Inspector?
• Which versions of MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow are supported?

Installing Reactis

• How much disk space do I need to install Reactis?
• How do I install Reactis under Windows?
• What is a License Manager?
• Why do I need to send my license file to Reactive Systems before I can run Reactis?
• Can I install multiple versions of Reactis on the same machine?

Loading Models in Reactis

• What model preparation needs to be done to run Tester?
• Why do I get Reactis was unable to invoke MATLAB when I try to simulate or generate tests in Reactis?
• Can Reactis process models containing S-Functions?
• Can Reactis process models containing embedded MATLAB?
• Does Reactis support Simulink block "X"?
• Can Reactis process models containing TargetLink blocks?
• Can Reactis process multi-rate models?
• Why do I get Reactis was unable to load MATLAB shared libraries when I try to simulate / generate tests from my model in Reactis?
• When I try to load my model file I get an error message like Couldn't find library file simulink.mdl. Why?
• I get errors loading my model into Reactis, even though the model loads without problem into Simulink. Why?
• Why doesn't Reactis recognize a workspace variable in my model?
• Why do I get a Mismatched Simulink version warning?

Reactis Simulator

• What is Reactis Simulator?
• How do I start Reactis Simulator?
• When I start Simulator on a large model it can take a while to start up. Is this to be expected?
• How can I view the current values of data items during a simulation run?
• How do I determine which parts of a model are not exercised by a test suite?
• How do I set a breakpoint?
• Why are some menu items and buttons on the tool bar sometimes disabled?
• In the main window panel, when I right-click on an MC/DC target (Simulink logic block or Stateflow transition), why is the View Coverage Details menu item disabled?
• Why is there a blue rectangle in the main Reactis panel?
• I created a test suite from a model using Reactis, but when I run the tests within Reactis, the output values are different than those stored in the tests. Why is this?

Reactis Tester

• What is Reactis Tester?
• Can I restrict the values a top-level inport assumes during a test?
• Is it possible to generate tests only for a subsystem instead of the whole model?
• I have added/removed top-level inports from my model. How do I make these changes show up in the Port Type Editor in Reactis?
• I have added/removed top-level inports or outports to/from my model. How do I reuse old test suites created for the model that contain a different set of inputs and outputs?
• A workspace data item is used to specify one of several configurations of my model. Depending on the value of this item, various parts of my model are unreachable; however, all parts of the model are reachable when all configurations of the model are considered. Is it possible for Reactis to generate tests for all the different configurations and give cumulative coverage information?
• I created a test suite from a model using Reactis, but when I run the tests within Reactis, the output values are different than those stored in the tests. Why is this?
• When I run Reactis Tester multiple times on the same model, I get different test suites. Why is this?
• Is it possible to make Tester generate the same test suite on different runs on the same model? In other words, is it possible to get reproducible results with Tester?
• Why do test suites with the same coverage level have different numbers of steps?

Reactis Validator

• What is Reactis Validator?
• I added some Validator assertions into my model, and now the number of coverage targets is different. Why?
• I opened my model into which I had inserted objectives (assertions, user-defined targets, or virtual sources), and some of them have disappeared! What happened?

Importing/Exporting Tests

• Can I load tests created outside of Reactis into Reactis?
• Can I run tests created in Reactis outside of Reactis?
• When I export my tests to .csv (comma separated value) format, all values for vector or bus elements are exported within a single column for the entire port. Is it possible to export them to separate columns?

Running Tests in Simulink

• How do I execute Reactis-generated tests in Simulink?
• Why are the simulation times in exported .m files different from those in .rst files?
• Why do I need to turn interpolation off for top-level inports when running test suites generated by Reactis in Simulink?
• Why are the output values produced by Reactis different from those produced by Simulink?