FAQ: Reactis for Simulink - Installing Reactis

How much disk space do I need to install Reactis?

The fully installed system uses about 160 MB.

How do I install Reactis under Windows?

  1. Download the installer reactis-setup-V20*.exe from the Reactis User Pages.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. After the installer completes, you must then configure Reactis to either access a local License File or a remote License Manager. See Chapter Installing Reactis of the Reactis User's Guide for more details on installing under Windows.

What is a License Manager?

In order to run Reactis, you will need a valid license file. The license file may be stored locally on your machine, or it may be managed remotely on a different machine. The routine that performs the remote management operation in the latter scenario is called the Reactis License Manager.

If you wish to share one or more floating licenses among users running Reactis on different machines, then you will need to install the Reactis License Manager.

Why do I need to send my license file to Reactive Systems before I can run Reactis?

In order to control the spread of illegally obtained copies of Reactis, Reactive Systems requires license files to be digitally signed by the company before the tool can run. Sending us your license file allows us to do this.

Can I install multiple versions of Reactis on the same machine?

Yes, it is possible to install multiple versions of Reactis on the same computer, as long as the different versions have different major release numbers. For example, you can install both V2018.2 and 2019.0 on the same machine since the major release numbers are 2 and 0. The following example clarifies:

  1. Assume you currently have V2018.2.2 installed on your machine and would like to try V2019.
  2. You should then download and run reactis-setup-V2019.0.exe. Note, that you do not need to first uninstall V2018.2.2. When you run the installer, it will automatically copy configuration information (including your license file) from the older installation.
  3. Assume that V2019.0.1 is later released. It is not possible to have both V2019.0 and V2019.0.1 on your machine, but you can easily upgrade to the newer version. To do so, download and run the patch reactis-patch-V2019.0.1.exe or select Help -> Check for Updates from within Reactis.