FAQ: Reactis for Simulink - Reactis Validator

What is Reactis Validator?

Reactis Validator performs automated searches of models for violations of user-specified requirements. If Validator finds a violation of a requirement, it returns a test that leads to the problem. This test may then be executed in Reactis Simulator to gain an understanding of the sequence of events that leads to the problem. This tool enables the early detection of design errors and inconsistencies and reduces the effort required for design reviews.

I added some Validator assertions into my model, and now the number of coverage targets is different. Why?

The current version of Validator works by temporarily creating a new model consisting of the old model with subsystems added for the associated diagram-based assertions and user-defined targets. The coverage targets tracked during test generation are then computed for this new model. As a result, some new coverage targets relating to the Simulink/Stateflow structure of assertions are included.

Our thought in doing this was that having coverage information about assertions was useful to see ``how close'' an assertion came to being violated during the execution of a given test suite.

If you are using Reactis V2011.2 or later, you can disable the tracking of coverage targets within an assertion system by right-clicking on the assertion in the model hierarchy tree (left panel) in Reactis and then selecting "Coverage Tracking->Disable".

I opened my model into which I had inserted objectives (assertions, user-defined targets, or virtual sources), and some of them have disappeared! What happened?

The likely answer is that, after inserting the objectives using Reactis, you changed the structure of your model using Simulink, and the wiring and structural information regarding where some objectives were placed is no longer valid. You can re-insert these objectives as follows:

  1. Make sure Simulator is disabled.
  2. Select menu item Edit, Validator Objectives...
  3. The missing objectives will appear in the list with status orphaned.
  4. Right-click on an orphaned objective and select Copy.
  5. Navigate to the subsystem of the model where the objective should reside, right-click in white space of the main panel, and select paste.
  6. If adjustments to the wiring are required, right-click on the pasted objective and select Edit Properties..., and make the necessary changes.