March 26, 2010

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2010.0.1


The following features were added since V2010:

  • Support "Latch input by copying inside signal" setting in "Inport" blocks (#1149).
  • If an error is reported during test case generation, include the test and step number in the generated test suite where the error occurs (#1139).

The following bugs were fixed since V2010:

  • Fixed bug that caused the current values and history in user guided simulation to not be displayed (#1114).
  • Fixed "Bug: Uncaught Exception: Mixed" that would occur if multi-block MC/DC coverage was enabled and a logical operator block was operating on a 2-d matrix (#1155).
  • Fixed "Bug: bus size too small" that would occur for "Tapped Delay" blocks if the "Include current value" option was checked (#1152).
  • Fixed "Type error (different tuple sizes)" that could occur if a "Selector" block configured for a vector was operating on a 1xN matrix (#1137).
  • Fixed "bug: Error initializing environment variable" that could occur if a negative fixpoint value was passed through the mask of a masked subsystem (#1112).
  • Fixed "bug: Unknown operator evalCExpr" that would come up if the expression of a condition in Stateflow contained at least one C macro but no other variables (#1089).
  • Fixed problem where Reactis could appear to hang during initialization if a large dependency cycle was detected in the model (#1092).
  • Fixed problem where breakpoints set in subcharted states would be visible in the parent state of the subchart (#1130).
  • Fixed bug where an active Stateflow state was not highlighted in green if it was entered after stopping for a breakpoint (#1131).
  • Fixed bug that could cause Reactis to crash when using the "Cvg Details" button in the Tester or Validator progress dialog (#1147).
  • Fixed bug that caused Reactis to crash when using a model that contains "physical modeling connector ports" (#1096).
  • Fixed "Bug: test step index out of range" that would occur in rare situation when extending a test in Simulator (#1132).
  • Fixed "Bug: stopStep" exception that could occur when stepping backwards over test boundaries in a subset of tests (#1160).

The following bugs in the C Plugin were fixed since V2010:

  • Fixed bug where uncovered C code in a static library within an S-Function was not properly highlighted if the S-Function's coverage was set to cumulative (#1121).
  • Fixed "syntax error: inserting STRUCT" error that could occur in some cases when using nested macros in C code (#1090).
  • Fixed "bug: inactive or empty C library" that could occur if a model used #define statements in its custom include section and no files were listed as custom C source files (#1091).
  • Fixed "bug: Unknown operator" that could occur if a Stateflow condition contained only constants and one or more C macros (#1086).

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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