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1  Introduction

Reactis for C helps engineers build better software faster by finding bugs earlier.

Reactis for C is an automated debugging and test-generation tool which discovers defects in C programs using the Reactis Simulate/Test/Validate paradigm. Using Reactis for C, engineers may:

  • Generate test suites from C code which comprehensively exercise all parts of a program (structural testing).
  • Find run-time errors, such as memory errors, overflow errors, divide-by-zero errors, etc.
  • Interactively execute a program while tracking progress towards full coverage of a variety of coverage targets including MC/DC targets.
  • Perform functional tests to determine if a program can ever violate any of its requirements, including safety properties.
  • Replay a specific execution sequence which triggers a defect in order to understand, diagnose, and fix a bug.

using IDE/Editor and Reactis for C
Figure 1: Reactis for C is a standalone application that reads the .c and .h files comprising a program to generate tests and find bugs.

Reactis for C also includes an array of sophisticated debugging features including breakpoints, value-tracking scopes, immediate detection of memory errors, and the ability to view macro-expanded code. In this paper, we discuss how Reactis for C may be used to automate different verification and validation activities in your software quality assurance process.