Getting Started#

The Reactis Application Programming Interface (API) enables users to access much of the tool’s functionality from MATLAB. To access the Reactis API from the MATLAB command line, from MATLAB scripts, or from MATLAB functions, add folder ‘lib\api\MATLAB\reactis’ within the Reactis installation directory to the MATLAB search path. If you used the default settings during the Reactis installation then the correct folder can be added to the MATLAB path with:

>> addpath('C:\Program Files\Reactis for C V2024\lib\api\MATLAB\reactis4c')

After adding the folder, you can get information about the Reactis API functions via the regular MATLAB help functionality. For example, typing ‘help reactis’ on the MATLAB command line will list information about all Reactis API functions. Detailed information for each function can be accessed by typing ‘help [functionname]’ or ‘doc [functionname]’.

Some examples for using the API can be found in the following folder within the Reactis installation directory:

C:\Program Files\Reactis for C V2024\lib\api\MATLAB\reactis4c\examples