8. Assumptions of Use for ISO 26262 Compliance#

There are a few requirements for maintaining ISO 26262 compliance while using Reactis. In particular, it is assumed that following rules will be followed throughout the development process:

  • Reactis must be integrated in a ISO 26262-compliant development process and tools workflow.

  • The version of Reactis used must be ISO 26262 qualified (currently Reactis V2021, V2021.2, V2022, V2022.2, V2023, V2023.2 and Reactis for C V2021, V2022, V2023 are prequalified for this purpose).

  • The MATLAB version should be no earlier than R2013b and no later than R2023b.

  • The operating system version should be Windows 10 or Windows 11.

  • Reactis shall be used in accordance with one of the use cases described in Section 6 of this document.

  • Guidelines for using Reactis as described in the Reactis User Guide and Reactis for C User Guide must be followed.

  • Protective / detection measures described in Column J of the Hazop, Misuse, and Impacts pages of the Reactis FMEA Version 1.7 must be followed. In particular, it is expected that runtime errors and output differences flagged by Reactis will be investigated.