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June 6, 2023

Reactis User Pages

Welcome to the Reactis User Pages, the place to download all of our products, both for evaluation and for purchased licenses. To download, simply create an account and log in below.

You may obtain a free 30-day fully-functional evaluation licenses for Reactis as follows:

  1. After creating an account a login password will be emailed to you.
  2. Use the password to log in below.
  3. You will then see directions for downloading and running the installer.
  4. After running the installer, you then email a license file template to, which we will digitally sign and return to you.
  5. Upon copying this license file to the appropriate location, you will then be up and running.

Reactis User Login


Create an Account. If you are interested in obtaining a Reactis user login and password, please complete this simple form.

Forgot Password? If you previously registered but have forgotten your password, please login above with the email address you registered and 'new' in the password field.