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To : Reactis Users
From : Reactive Systems, Inc.
Date : March 3, 2004


  • Reactis V2004 Now Available.
  • Reactive Systems to Exhibit at SAE World Congress.


We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2004, which includes numerous new features and enhancements since the previous major release in October of 2003. Some highlights are below. For more details please see the Reactis User's Guide in the distribution and also available from

  • Reactis can now automatically extract subsystems from models. This feature facilitates the decomposition of a large model into smaller pieces for test-generation and validation. The utility is invoked by right-clicking on a subsystem in the main Reactis window and selecting ``Extract Subsystem.''
  • Reactis now supports the fixed-step solver as well as the variable-step solver for Simulink/Stateflow models.
  • A new License Monitor utility enables users to monitor available Reactis licenses across various servers without starting Reactis.
  • In Reactis Simulator, breakpoints can now be set on individual Simulink blocks or Stateflow transitions and states by right-clicking on the item and selecting ``Toggle Breakpoint.''
  • The analysis that Reactis employs to detect unreachable model elements has been improved.
  • The performance of model initialization has been improved.
Owners of active licenses may download the V2004 distribution from:


At the invitation of The MathWorks, Inc., we will be exhibiting, and giving presentations about, Reactis in The MathWorks booth (booth #2217) at the SAE World Congress, which will take place March 8--11 at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. Demonstrations will take place continuously while the trade-show floor is open. Presentations about Reactis will be given at the following times in the presentation area within the booth.

Monday March 8 12:50-- 1:10 Reactis Overview
Tuesday March 9 2:10-- 2:30 Reactis Overview
Wednesday March 10 3:50-- 4:10 Reactis Overview
Thursday March 11 10:20--10:40 Reactis Overview

More information about the Congress and booth can be found at the following URL:
If you are going to be attending the World Congress, we hope you will drop by to find out about the features of Reactis V2004.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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