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To : Reactis Users
From : Reactive Systems, Inc.
Date : December 17, 2004


  • Reactis V2004.2 Now Available.
  • Model-Based Testing with Reactis at Nissan.
  • Reactive Systems Logs Strong Growth in 2004.
  • Japanese Localization of Reactis Enters Beta Test.
  • New Mailing List Will Announce Reactis Patches.


We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2004.2, which includes numerous new features and enhancements since the previous major release in March of this year. Some highlights are below. For more details please see the Reactis User's Guide which is included in the distribution and is also available from:

The following features were added since V2004.

  • Support for single precision floating point arithmetic.

  • Support for the MATLAB R14 (Simulink 6.0) file format.

  • Support for Boundary Value Coverage to track whether an inport assumes the boundary values of its domain of possible values.

  • A new model import architecture that vastly simplifies the preparation of models for use with Reactis. Benefits include improved error messages and the elimination of type errors reported by Reactis but not by Simulink.

  • Optimizations in Reactis Simulator to increase the size of both models and test suites that the tool can handle.

  • Support for data objects in Simulink block parameters.

  • A capability to export test suites as MATLAB .mat files. This binary format enables values in tests to be represented with more precision than is possible in the ASCII-based .m file format. When running a Reactis-generated test suite on a Simulink model, the higher precision of test data helps avoid some rounding errors.

  • Precision improvements for models with S-Functions and models that use MATLAB. This higher precision eliminates rounding error in some models.

  • A capability to view which users occupy shared licenses.

  • Improved dependency-cycle detection and reporting. The reporting of certain falsely detected dependency cycles was eliminated and error reporting related to cycles was improved (especially when cycles are due in part to user-specified block priorities).

  • General performance improvements.

  • An improved File -> Synchronize operation in the Reactis Info File Editor.
Owners of active licenses may upgrade to V2004.2 by logging in at the page below and then clicking the ``I want to upgrade Reactis'' link.


A recent article published on The MathWorks website describes how a Model-Based Design process that includes Reactis helped Nissan reduce by 50% the development time for an advanced emissions control system. The article is available at:


We are pleased to report strong sales growth for Reactis during 2004. The number of companies using Reactis has more than doubled while the number of active licenses has more than tripled. Customers in the automotive industry now include five of the world's top six OEMs as well as many Tier 1 suppliers. Reactis also logged its first sales in the aerospace sector in 2004. The automatic generation of MC/DC test data by Reactis is expected to help aerospace users dramatically reduce certification costs.


We are pleased to announce that a preliminary version of Japanese language support in Reactis will be available starting with beta version V2004.3 due out next week.


As a number of you have requested, we have created a new mailing list on which we will announce the release of all Reactis patches. The Reactis Communicator list (this one) will still announce major releases, while the new one will have more frequent postings to describe all bug fixes and new features as they are released with each patch. If you would like to join the mailing list, please send an email message to (no subject or body content are required in the message).

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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