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To : Reactis Users
From : Reactive Systems, Inc.
Date : March 22, 2005


  • Reactis Beta Supports Fixed-Point Data Types in Simulink.
  • Jump-Start Reactis Deployment with On-Site Training.


We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2004.3.1, a beta release that includes support for fixed-point data types in Simulink. We urge customers with fixed-point models to try the new version and report back any problems. Beta support for fixed-point data types in Stateflow is due out in a few weeks. The V2005 release is scheduled for May and will include support for fixed-point data types in both the Simulink and Stateflow portions of models.

This release also includes a number of other new features and enhancements implemented since the previous major release in December of 2004. Some highlights are below.

  • Support for Simulink version 6.2 (MathWorks R14.2)
  • Support for Simulink duplicate inports (also known as Shadow Inport blocks).
  • Support for UnaryMinus, SignalConversion, Bus Assignment, Bias blocks.
  • New controls in the Reactis Settings Dialog:
    • to specify the version of Matlab Reactis should use.
    • to specify whether integer overflows should produce an error or wrap around.
  • Limited support for 'set_param' in Mask Initialization functions.
  • The escape key now removes print region.
  • In the type editor dialog, the tab key now causes scrolling through the controls of the dialog.
  • In user-input mode of Simulator, double clicking on a top-level input port now opens a panel to enter values for that port.
  • Memory tuning for Update Outputs function in Simulator.
  • Report an error and terminate gracefully if a S-Function crashes.
Owners of active licenses may upgrade to V2004.3.1 by downloading the installer from the Reactis User Pages:


Reactive Systems now offers one- and two-day Reactis training courses delivered by a qualified instructor at your site. The hands-on courses include numerous exercises to introduce engineers to model-based testing and validation with Reactis. No prior experience with Reactis is required. For more information on the cost-effective way to spread the benefits of Reactis within your organization, please send email to or call 703-534-6458.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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