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To : Reactis Users
From : Reactive Systems, Inc.
Date : May 18, 2005


  • Reactis V2005 Now Available.
  • RSI, IT Power Announce European Training, Services Partnership.
  • RSI to Exhibit at MathWorks International Aerospace and Defense Conference.


We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2005, which includes numerous new features and enhancements since the previous major release in December of 2004. Some highlights are below. For more details please see the revision history in the Reactis User's Guide which is included in the distribution and is also available from:
The following are some of the features added since V2004.2.

  • Support for many new Simulink/Stateflow features including fixed-point data types and version R14.2 of The MathWorks tool suite.

  • A new MATLAB tab in the Reactis settings dialog that greatly simplifies the configuration options for how Reactis launches MATLAB.

  • Enhanced path-handling. A new Path tab in the Info File Editor enables users to set model-specific search paths to be searched before the global path (specified in the Settings dialog). New functionality also simplifies editing the Reactis search path (both the global and model-specific paths). This includes copy and paste operations, a capability to modify individual entries, and in import button which, when clicked, imports the MATLAB search path into Reactis.

  • When exporting to/importing from CSV, use signal names instead of port names as the column headers if an inport/outport name is hidden and the line connected to the port has a signal name.

  • Memory tuning for Update Outputs function in Simulator.

  • In user-input mode of Simulator, double clicking on a top-level input port now opens a panel to enter values for that port.

  • In type editor dialog, the tab key now causes scrolling through the controls of the dialog.
Owners of active licenses may upgrade to V2005 by downloading the installer from the Reactis User Pages:


Reactis Systems Inc., and IT Power Consultants of Berlin, Germany, have formed a partnership to serve the European market with training and consulting support for Reactis. IT Power ( specializes in control-software development and validation, and has extensive experience working with automotive OEMs and suppliers in Europe.


Reactive Systems will exhibit Reactis at the MathWorks International Aerospace and Defense Conference (IADC) May 24-25, 2005 at the Manhattan Beach Marriott, Manhattan Beach, CA. If you attend the event, please stop by our booth.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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