We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2008. The new version includes a host of new features and enhancements since the previous major release in October 2007. The Reactis for C Plugin boasts significant new functionality as well. The Reactis for C Plugin offers white box analysis of the C code portions of models (S-functions and custom C code called from Stateflow)

V2008 introduces several new capabilities related to how Reactis creates and manipulates test suites. Among these are test points, a feature that allows internal data items in a model to be tagged and stored as part of the test suites. Test points can be viewed as virtual outputs. When a test suite containing test points is executed in Reactis Simulator, values computed by the model for a test point can be compared against the test point values recorded in the test suite. Test points may also be exported to comma separated value (CSV) files.

The new release also includes improvements to the test suite import and export facilities. When importing a test suite, data items may now be remapped using a flexible and easy-to-use dialog. This gives users a simple way to reuse test suites when a model's interface changes (e.g. if inputs, outputs, or test points are added, removed, or renamed). When exporting to a CSV format, a new dialog enables easy selection of only a subset of data items (inputs, outputs, test points) for inclusion in the exported CSV file. A new CSV compression mechanism enables files to be compressed on export and decompressed on import.

A number of other updates enhance Reactis' usability:

  • The data plotted in a Reactis Simulator Scope may now be exported to a CSV file with just the click of a button.
  • Reactis Validator expression assertions employ a new interface that offers on-the-fly syntax checking and a wiring mechanism very similar to that of diagram assertions.
  • In User Guided Simulation mode, input ports can now be sorted by either name or port number.
  • Back and forward buttons similar to a web browser ease navigation of large models.

The second major release of Reactis for C Plugin also includes many major updates. These include support for:

  • fixed-point types in S-Functions
  • calling libraries from Stateflow custom C code
  • using macros defined in C header files within Stateflow actions.

More details regarding the V2008 enhancements may be found in the revision history in the Reactis User's Guide.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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