New Product: Reactis Model Inspector

Reactis Model Inspector

IconWe are pleased to announce the launch of Reactis® Model Inspector, a tool that offers easy viewing of Simulink® models as well as testing artifacts created for them by Reactis. Model Inspector directly reads .mdl files produced by Simulink and .rsi and .rst files produced by Reactis. The tool is aimed at members of an engineering team who need to review Simulink models or testing artifacts but not generate tests or perform model debug. Some capabilities include:


  • Hierarchical browsing of models, including Simulink, Stateflow®, C Code (included as S-Functions or Stateflow custom C code), and Embedded MATLAB® code.
  • Tracing signals through the model.
  • Searching for text in a model (including C code and Embedded MATLAB code).
  • Browsing Reactis-constructed test suites (.rst files).
  • Browsing (but not editing) Reactis Info Files (.rsi files).

The Reactis Model Inspector shares much of its code base with Reactis, a mature product on the market for over a decade now. Consequently, the Model Inspector offers very robust and accurate graphical renderings of models. Furthermore, all functionality not related to viewing models and their testing artifacts has been removed. For example, the tool bar no longer includes simulation controls. This makes it even easier to navigate and inspect Simulink models using Model Inspector since it is specifically designed for that task.

Reactis is a registered trademark of Reactive Systems, Inc. MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow are registered trademarks of The Mathworks, Inc.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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