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  • Reactis V2012.2 Released
  • Reactis for C Beta Available

Reactis V2012.2 Released

Icon Reactis® V2012.2 is now ready for download. It includes many bug fixes and enhancements including support for MATLAB R2012b, support for simplified initialization mode, and faster model initialization. A new feature called configuration variable sets allows for dependencies among configuration variables to be specified.


The new version also includes performance improvements in the Reactis for C Plugin. For organizations using floating licenses, the license manager now lets an administrator disconnect a user in order to reclaim a license.

Customers with active Software Maintenance Service can download V2012 from the Reactis User Pages.

Reactis for C Beta Now Available

A beta version for Reactis for C is now available. A number of new features and have been added since the inaugural release of the tool last year. Recall that Reactis for C (standalone version) brings many of the benefits that Reactis offers Simulink® users to engineers working in a pure C code process. Namely, Reactis for C lets you:

  • generate tests from C code (often uncovering runtime errors)
  • check assertions
  • perform advanced debug including reverse stepping

Q: If you work exclusively in a model-based design process with Simulink, how can Reactis for C help you?

A: Test suites generated by Reactis can be run on C code with Reactis for C and vice versa.

back-to-back testing with Reactis and Reactis for C

Reactis is a registered trademark of Reactive Systems, Inc. Simulink is a registered trademark of The MathWorks.

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