Reactis V2015 Now Available

R Reactis® V2015 is available for download. This release adds support for MATLAB® R2015a, offers a new feature to exclude individual coverage targets from being tracked, and includes a new product the Reactis for EML Plugin that offers white-box testing of the Embedded MATLAB portions of a model.


Capability to Exclude Individual Coverage Targets

When measuring the completeness of a test suite, you might determine that it is unnecessary to exercise some coverage targets in a model, such as an upper bound of a Saturation block, or a decision which cannot evaluate to false due to defensive programming. A new Reactis feature lets you tag any coverage target in your model to be excluded from coverage tracking. When you exclude a target, Reactis Tester will not attempt to exercise the target when it generates tests and the target will not be factored into coverage tracking by Reactis Simulator.

When you exclude a target, you can either instruct Reactis to completely disregard it or to exclude and monitor it. In the latter case, the target will not be included in coverage counts, but if the target is ever exercised, Reactis will alert you. If you believe a target is unreachable, but are not certain, this mechanism offers an easy way to check.

The Reactis for EML Plugin

V2015 also includes a new product, the Reactis for EML Plugin, that integrates with Reactis to offer white-box testing of the portions of a model implemented using Embedded MATLAB (EML). Prior versions of Reactis let you process models containing EML, but they did not identify and try to exercise coverage targets within the EML code. When using the new EML Plugin, Reactis will identify and attempt to exercise EML statements, decisions, conditions, and MC/DC targets within the EML code of a model.

Other New Features

  • Support for the Simulink® Function block and Function Caller block and for calling Simulink Function blocks from Stateflow®.
  • Extended subset of EML supported.
  • Track coverage in Direct Lookup Table blocks.
  • API functions to add, remove, and modify configuration variables.

Reactis is a registered trademark of Reactive Systems, Inc. MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow are registered trademarks of The MathWorks.

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The Reactis Team

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