Reactis V2015.2: Link to Requirements

R Reactis® V2015.2 is ready for download. The new version offers support for MATLAB® R2015b, includes a revamped interface for calling Reactis API functions from MATLAB, and offers several enhancements to Reactis Validator -- the requirements checking component of the tool.


Reactis Validator lets you formulate a requirement your model should meet and then check if your model satisfies the requirement. The expected behavior embodied in a natural language requirement is formalized as an assertion. Execution scenarios necessary to stress a given requirement are specified as user-defined targets. Collectively, assertions and user-defined targets are called Validator objectives, since they lay out goals for the test generation engine: demonstrating that assertions never fail and that all desired scenarios specified as user-defined targets are executed.

Reactis V2015.2 lets you establish a link between a Validator objective and requirements documents. Often the natural language requirements for a system are stored in a requirements document. For requirements documents implemented in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, Reactis V2015.2 offers a facility to establish and manage links between a natural language requirement and Validator objectives.

V2015.2 also includes a drag-and-drop wiring mechanism for Validator objectives that greatly simplifies the task of inserting objectives into a model. An assertion monitors signals in your model in order to detect and flag violations. To specify which signals an objective monitors, in the main Reactis panel, you can now simply drag a signal onto the objective.

Reactis offers an API to pragmatically access the test and validation capabilities offered by the tool. V2015.2 includes a new set of MATLAB functions to greatly simplify accessing the Reactis API from MATLAB scripts. To use the new MATLAB functions for accessing the Reactis API, simply:

  1. Add c:\Program Files\Reactis V2015.2\lib\api\MATLAB\reactis to your MATLAB path.
  2. At the MATLAB prompt type help reactis

Additional new features include the ability to report integer overflows as warnings instead of errors and the capability to double-click on an .rsi file in Windows Explorer in order to invoke Reactis and load the associated model.

Reactis is a registered trademark of Reactive Systems, Inc. MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow are registered trademarks of The MathWorks.

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The Reactis Team

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