Reactis for C V2018 Released

R Reactis® for C V2018 is now available for download. The new version includes Reactis Tester optimizations, improvements to scopes and test execution reports, and many stability and performance updates.


Tester Optimizations

Test suites generated by Reactis Tester now achieve the same level of coverage as older versions of Reactis for C, but contain fewer tests and overall steps. In some cases, the number of steps in a suite is reduced by 90%.

Scope Enhancements

Scopes can now display multiple signals separately. When displayed separately, each signal has its own scaling but a shared time axis. Scopes can also be configured to display the name of each signal to make identification easier.

scopes with signals on separate y axes

Also, V2018 lets you save a scope as a signal group to store a collection of signals along with settings for displaying them. The signal group can subsequently be re-opened in a scope in future Reactis for C sessions.

Scope zooming is now done by left-clicking and dragging a box over an area of interest. After the scope has been rescaled, the viewed area can be moved by holding down the control key while clicking and dragging in the scope. Right-clicking in the scope zooms out.

Test Execution Report

test step to covered target map in a test execution report When generating a test execution report, Reactis for C now gives you the option to include signal plots (shown below) as well as a section that lists all targets covered by a step in a test. For example, in the report to the right, step 10 of test 4 covers several targets in line 46 and one target in line 47 of cruise.c.

test execution report with signal plots

Output Difference Tolerances

When running a test in Reactis for C, the output values computed by the program are compared against the outputs stored in the test. Reactis previously supported a relative tolerance when performing this comparison. V2018 introduces additional flexibility for specifying this tolerance. Namely, the tolerance can now be absolute or a combination of absolute and relative.

Reactis is a registered trademark of Reactive Systems, Inc.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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