We are pleased to announce that:

  • Reactis is ISO 26262 certified.
  • A new white paper describes how to use Reactis with Jenkins.

Reactive Systems Obtains ISO 26262 Certification for Reactis

ISO 26262 Certification TÜV SÜD has certified that Reactis is qualified for safety-related development according to ISO 26262, up to ASIL D. The V2021 versions of the following products are compliant: Reactis® for Simulink®, Reactis for EML Plugin, Reactis for C Plugin, and Reactis for C.

ISO 26262 is the international standard for the development of safety-related systems for road vehicles. The standard identifies specific processes and methods for development, validation, and tool qualification. Developers of automotive systems can use the Reactis suite of products with confidence thanks to the recently obtained ISO 26262 certification of the tools.

Reactis automates a number of the verification activities mandated by ISO 26262. For example, Reactis Validator lets you formalize safety requirements as assertions and then check for violations using semi-formal verification. These checks can be performed on both architectural design models and unit design models. Reactis Tester automatically generates test suites that aim to maximize statement, branch, and MC/DC coverage. Finally, Reactis offers extensive support for back-to-back testing to compare the behavior of code to the behavior of a model.

The certification process by TÜV SÜD, the accredited certification body, included the following:

  • a rigorous examination of the functional safety processes followed during Reactis development,
  • a review of safety information in the product documentation (safety manual, user manual, operational instructions), and
  • a review and observation of the Reactis quality assurance processes.

The ISO 26262 certification allows automotive engineers to confidently employ Reactis to improve the functional safety of their products and reduce the development costs of safety-critical software.

Using Reactis with Jenkins

Jenkins is a popular open-source automation server which is used to build and test software systems. A new white paper describes the steps necessary to use Reactis within a Jenkins-controlled build and test process. Read Automated Testing with Reactis and Jenkins.

Reactis is a registered trademark of Reactive Systems, Inc. MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

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