The Reactis Communicator

To : Reactis Users
From : Reactive Systems, Inc.
Date : January 22, 2003

We are pleased to announce the availability of Version 2003b6 of Reactis, the first beta release that includes all functionality of the upcoming V2003 release. Numerous enhancements including an improved user interface, several new features, support for new Simulink blocks including S-Functions, performance improvements, and bug fixes have been made since the V2002.1 release. Thanks to all Reactis users who have provided valuable feedback that has been incorporated into the new version. For a full description of improvements since V2002.1, please see:

Reactis User's Guide

Owners of active licenses may download the V2003b6 distribution from:

Reactis V2003b6 is available immediately and runs on the Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. Reactis is priced at US $5000 per year per concurrent license. Free 30-day evaluation licenses are available.

The Reactis Team

This is the sixth installment of "The Reactis Communicator", a low volume mailing list for conveying information about Reactis, RSI's embedded software design automation tool suite. Reactis enables users to deploy model-based software testing to dramatically reduce the costs of testing embedded control software. The tools are designed for use in conjunction with the Simulink and Stateflow modeling and simulation environments offered by The MathWorks, Inc.

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