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To : Reactis Users
From : Reactive Systems, Inc.
Date : June 17, 2003


  • Reactis Validator now available with Reactis V2003.1.1 (beta) release.
  • Reactive Systems to exhibit at MathWorks International Automotive Conference
    June 24, Dearborn, Michigan.


We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2003.1.1, the second beta release since V2003. The following new features have been added since V2003.

  1. The first version of Reactis Validator is now available. This new component of the tool suite offers assertion checking for Simulink/Stateflow models. For example, Validator enables an engineer to check: ``Will my anti-lock brakes always engage when the brake pedal is pressed?'' If Validator finds an assertion violation, it returns a test that leads to the problem. This test may then be executed in Reactis Simulator to gain an understanding of the sequence of events that leads to the problem. Additionally, users may specify custom coverage objectives for which tests should be generated. See Chapter 8 of the Reactis User's Guide for details.

    Note, current plans are to, upon completion of beta testing, package Validator as an add-on to the base Reactis Simulator/Tester environment (in much the same way that Stateflow is packaged as an add-on to MATLAB/Simulink).

  2. The Tester launch dialog now maintains a history of parameter values used to invoke test-suite generation and offers ``up'' and ``down'' buttons for scrolling through previously used sets of parameters.

  3. Reactis now includes a facility to update the output values of a test suite. If a model is modified, but its input ports remain unchanged, then this feature may be used to re-run a test suite generated for an older version of the model and store the responses of the new model in a new test suite. The result will be a new test suite with the same inputs at each step, but with outputs that are generated by the new version of the model.

  4. Reactis may now process models that include the 'ToFile' and 'ToWorkspace' blocks, by simply ignoring these blocks during simulation.

  5. The Info File Editor has been enhanced as follows.
    1. It is now better integrated with the main Reactis window.
    2. Users may now edit port types by right clicking on top-level input ports in the main panel of Reactis.
    3. Port numbers are now displayed together with port names. If a port name is hidden in an MDL file and the signal connected to the port is named, the signal name is displayed instead of the port name. Ports can now be sorted by either port number or name by clicking on column header.
    4. Changes in the Info File Editor can now be undone/redone.
    5. Reactis no longer needs to go through the translation and type inference cycle when just the ranges or delta constraints of top-level input ports have changed.

  6. A new Coverage-Report Browser enables users to view subsystem-by-subsystem coverage statistics for tests and test suites. The browser also allows users to export coverage reports in HTML format.

  7. It is now possible to view models in Reactis, even if referenced libraries are missing. Broken links are marked by ``??'' in the diagram. This enables models to be viewed by Reactis on machines that do not have MATLAB installed.

  8. In Simulator, user's may now attach distribution scopes to data items. This new type of scope enables users to visualize the set of values a data item has assumed during simulation (but not the time at which they occur).

  9. In the Test-Suite Browser, user's may now specify the number of significant digits do be displayed for data values.

  10. Reactis now handles Japanese characters in model comments and block names.

Owners of active licenses may download the V2003.1.1 distribution from:


Members of the Reactive Systems technical team will be exhibiting Reactis at the MathWorks International Automotive Conference, June 24, in Dearborn, Michigan. We encourage all current and prospective customers to stop by the RSI booth for a demo of the latest Reactis features. Additionally, members of the Reactis team will be in Michigan for several days following the event for extended discussions with Reactis users. Some time slots are still available, so if you are interested in a meeting please call (703) 534-6458 or send email to

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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