February 8, 2010

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2010.


In addition to all bugfixes for the V2009.2 release, the following features were added since V2009.2:

Newly supported Simulink features

  • Initial support for MATLAB R2009b and R2010a models. This means Reactis will work together with MATLAB R2009b and R2010a and models created and edited with these versions will work in Reactis. However, not all new features introduced in MATLAB R2009b and R2010a are supported. New features will be supported as demand increases. If you would like to see support for a new feature, please send a request to help@reactive-systems.com. We cannot guarantee all requests will be implemented but we use feedback to prioritize the development schedule.
  • Added support for using configuration variables as parameters to S-Functions. If an S-Function defines a "mdlProcessParameters" function then Reactis will update the S-Function parameters at each step and call the S-Function's mdlProcessParameters function. In the mdlProcessParameters function the S-Function can then take appropriate actions if any parameters have changed (due to updated configuration variables).
  • Added support for new 1-d lookup table configurations:
    • single to double
    • fixpoint to double
    • fixpoint to single
  • Added support for new 2-d lookup table configurations:
    • single and single to double
    • single and single to fixpoint
    • double and double to fixpoint
    • double and fixpoint to double
    • fixpoint and double to double
    • fixpoint and fixpoint to double
    • single and fixpoint to single
    • fixpoint and single to single
    • fixpoint and fixpoint to single

Other Improvements

  • A 64-bit version of Reactis is now available (requires 64-bit MATLAB).
  • A new setting "When detecting Inf or NaN values" was added to the Reactis settings dialog. Setting this to "Produce error" will cause Reactis to display an error message if an Inf or NaN value is detected during model execution.
  • A new setting "Use new fixed-step sample time computation" was added to the Reactis settings dialog. Enabling this option will slightly change the way Reactis computes time values for fixed-step models, especially those with sample times that have poor floating point representations such as 0.1, 0.01 or similar. The new behavior makes the rounding errors in the Reactis sample time computations line up better with Simulink's rounding errors for such models. Note that after enabling this option, test suites created with earlier versions of Reactis can show different behavior in cases where a small change in sample time can cause the model to significantly change its execution.
  • Improved support for non-ascii characters in file names. Reactis now supports all characters in file names that are representable in the native character encoding of the operating system. For example, Japanese characters can be used in file names on a Japanese Windows but not on an English version of Windows.

Reactis for C Plugin Improvements

  • Improved coverage tracking within C macro expansions. If a macro in C code expands to multiple statements then the macro invocation will be highlighted in red until all its statements are covered. Hovering over the macro invocation will list all statements that the macro expands to and their respective coverage information.
  • New info screen showing contents of RSM files. Clicking on a "FN" (S-Function) or "LIB" (C Library) system in the model hierarchy tree displays the contents of the associated RSM file in the main panel.
  • New API routine to export C source code coverage details to a comma separated value (CSV) file.
  • Drastically reduced memory allocation for models using S-Functions with large array parameters.

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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