November 19, 2010

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2010.2

Reactis V2010.2

Newly supported Simulink features

  • Initial support for MATLAB R2010b models. This means Reactis will work with models created and edited with this version; however, not all new features introduced in R2010b are supported. New features will be supported as demand increases. If you would like to see support for a new feature, please send a request to We cannot guarantee all requests will be implemented but we use feedback to prioritize the development schedule (#1260).
  • Reactis now supports the use of enumerated data types (classes derived from Simulink.IntEnumType) within a model (#1291).
  • Models using self-modification commands (commands like set_param, add_block etc., see section 14.1.2 in the user's guide) could previously cause problems because Reactis would not see the changes made by them. A new setting "Propagate set_param changes by saving the model to a temporary file" has been added to deal with this situation. If the new setting is enabled, Reactis will cause Simulink to automatically save the model to a temporary file after Simulink has applied all modifications. Reactis then imports that temporary model, which allows Reactis to see the applied changes (#929).
  • Reactis now supports rounding modes "Convergent", "Round" and "Simplest" for blocks where a rounding mode can be specified (#1189, #1380).
  • Stateflow operators hasChanged, hasChangedFrom and hasChangedTo are now supported (#1117).
  • Support for the use of the type() function in data type declarations for Stateflow data items has been added (#1259).
  • Reactis now supports the true and false keywords in Stateflow actions (#1058).
  • Reactis now supports the Vector Concatenate block (#1230).
  • Support for the "Discrete Filter" block has been extended to include "single" input data types, vector and matrix inputs and the "Initial states" setting available in Simulink (#1168).
  • Support "Latch input by copying inside signal" setting in "Inport" blocks (#1145).
  • 2-d lookup tables now support "int * bool -> int" configurations (#1162).

Reactis for C Plugin Improvements

  • Step into, step over and step out-of buttons allow improved control in single-stepping mode (#1262).
  • Variables in C code can now be added as watched variables (#1261).
  • Scopes can be opened for global variables in C code (#1261).

Other Improvements

  • A new feature has been added to allow Reactis Tester to take advantage of multi-core architectures. This can be enabled by entering "-C N" (without the quotes) in the "Additional Parameters" setting in the "Test Suite->Create" dialog. The "N" stands for the number of cores to utilize and possible settings are 1-4. For example, entering "-C 2" in the "Additional Parameters" setting will cause Reactis Tester to utilize two cores (#1401).
  • Users can now limit the number of inputs that can change in a step during test generation with Reactis Tester. For example, to only allow one input to change between steps, enter "-c 1" in the "Additional Parameters" setting in the "Test Suite -> Create" dialog (#1318).
  • The "Test Suite->Update..." feature now allows an output format of .m if the "Update using Simulink" option is selected (#1253).
  • When exporting a test suite to ".m" format, fixpoint values may now be exported as "fi" objects instead of converting them to double values (#1223).

Bug fixes

In addition to all bugfixes included in V2010 patches, the following bugs were fixed since V2010.1.0:

  • Fixed bug where Reactis could hang during import of a model if the model contains a circular bus signal connection that is interrupted only by a "Signal Conversion" block (#1509).
  • Fixed bug that could cause Stateflow transitions which originate from a state and end in a junction to not trigger the source state's exit action (#1475).
  • Fixed problem in CSV import that could cause ports to not be properly matched up in import dialog (#1464).
  • Resolved problem where Reactis would hang if a test suite was saved while running a long simulation run (#1458).
  • Fixed bug that could cause Reactis to pick a wrong transition execution order for transitions exiting from subcharted box states (#1453).
  • Fixed bug where boundary coverage highlighting would not go away after all targets have been covered for an input port with certain configurations of range/step types (#1442).
  • Fixed bug that caused "Test Suite->Update (via Simulink)" to not work properly if enumerated types are present in top-level inports or outports (#1485).
  • Fixed bug where Validator objectives in Stateflow charts show up as 'orphaned' when looking at the list in "Edit->Validator Objectives" (#1551).
  • Improved accuracy for addition/subtraction and conversion when using fixpoint types with non-binary-point slope and bias (#1547).
  • Fixed problem where integer saturation in "Sum" block would differ from Simulink behavior in some rare cases (#1484).
  • Fixed problem where some fixpoint types in Stateflow would not be properly recognized, resulting in decreased precision (#1546).
  • Fixed bug where initial values of some fixpoint configuration variables would not be properly recognized (#1515).
  • Improved performance when loading exported .m files for models with large input/output arrays in MATLAB (#1507).
  • Fixed memory leak in Validator diagram objective dialog (#1479).
  • Fixed problem where a Scope within a triggered subsystem would not use the proper sample rate in some configurations (#1470).
  • Resolved issue where turning off Simulator during a simulation run could sometimes trigger a "bug: unrecognized command" error message (#1459).
  • Fixed crash that could occur when loading MATLAB R13 models containing MinMax or DeadZone blocks (#1445).
  • Fixed problem where "runtests" would report simulation differences when running tests for models containing S-Functions in some configurations (#1437).
  • Improved error message when converting an integer values to an enumerated type in which no corresponding underlying integer exists (#1540).
  • Properly reject models that that "Underspecified initialization detection" set to "Simplified" (as opposed to the default "Classic") as not currently supported (#1497).

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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