June 23, 2011

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2011

Reactis V2011

Newly supported Simulink features

  • Initial support for MATLAB R2011a models. This means Reactis will work together with MATLAB R2011a and models created and edited with these versions will work in Reactis. However, not all new features introduced in MATLAB R2011a are supported. New features will be supported as demand increases. If you would like to see support for a new feature, please send a request to help@reactive-systems.com. We cannot guarantee all requests will be implemented but we use feedback to prioritize the development schedule (#1611).
  • Support "Rate Limiter" block (#65).
  • Support "Function-Call Split" block (#1696).
  • Support "Function-Call Feedback Latch" block (#1692).
  • Support enumerated types and values in S-Functions and Legacy Code blocks (#1684).
  • Support "ssRegisterTypeFromNamedObject" SimStruct function (#1634).
  • Support selecting number of bits to shift via input port and specifying shift direction for "Arithmetic Shift" block (#1612).

New features in the Reactis for C Plugin

  • Comments and inactive C code within #ifdef statements are now colored differently to differentiate them from already exercised code.
  • Improved reachability analysis to determine and highlight dead code.
  • Allow (small) numeric arrays to be added as watched variables.
  • Added setting to control the behavior of overflows when converting floating-point values to unsigned integer.
  • Generate warnings for expressions which do not have side-effects and whose result is ignored.
  • Produce a warning if __declspec and __attribute clauses are used in C code. Those clauses are not supported by the Reactis C compiler (#1657).
  • Treat "inline" functions as "static" to avoid errors about multiply defined functions when linking.
  • Added some C99 constants (NAN, INFINITY, HUGE_VAL, etc) to math.h (#1559).
  • Added support for the C99 builtin identifier __func__
  • Produce a warning if a non-void function does not return a value (#1601).
  • Allow boolean negation operator to be used on floating-point values (#1590).

Other Improvements

  • When running Reactis Tester, the user can now specify a total number of steps or a given maximum runtime instead of the detailed parameters for random and targeted phase (#565).
  • A new panel in the Reactis Info File editor allows the user to specify tolerances separately for each output port. The tolerances given there apply when running a test suite on a model in Reactis Simulator and when comparing Reactis and Simulink outputs via the "runtests" utility (#206).
  • A text search functionality has been added to Reactis. The search traverses all parts of the model, including Stateflow charts and any C code attached to the model (#11):
    • For Simulink systems, a search only searches block names. To search for specific block parameters, the parameter name followed by a colon has to be prefixed to the search term. For example, to search for the value "12" in the "Value" field of a Simulink block, enter "Value:12". To see all searchable parameters of a certain block type, right-click on any block of that type and select "View Block Parameters".
    • For Stateflow charts, Reactis searches transition and state labels.
    • For C code, the search function acts like a regular text search.
  • When extracting a subsystem, the user can now choose whether to include any triggering mechanism for the subsystem in the extracted model or not (#1679).
  • Reactis now produces more specific warnings if a configuration variable was set to be used in a place where Reactis does not support configuration variables (#1680).
  • Right-clicking on a system in the hierarchy panel now offers an option "Copy System Path" which will copy the system path of that model to the clipboard (#1416).
  • Treat hidden Stateflow targets the same in all reporting (#43).
  • Improved performance during model initialization for some models (#1747).
  • Improved conditional input branch execution to better handle multi-rate models (#1706).

Bug fixes

In addition to all bugfixes included in V2010.2 patches, the following bugs were fixed:

  • Fixed bug that could cause Reactis to hang while compiling C code containing self-referential macros (#1761).
  • Fixed problem where "Visible variables" list in Stateflow expression objective dialog would not show all variables (#1775).
  • Fixed bug where "rsTester" api call would report "test suite is empty" instead of a proper error message if an error occurs during test case generation (#1773).
  • Fixed "Bad input for inport" error that would occur when specifying inputs for integer-typed input ports with delta restrictions in user-guided simulation (#1772).
  • Fixed bug where Reactis would import incorrect values when importing a .rst test suite and mapping the same test suite data item to multiple model data items (#1770).
  • Fixed error "S-Function 'reactis_dtprobe' does not exist." that occurred when attempting to synchronize input port types in 64-bit Reactis (#1769).
  • Fixed "bug: makeId: empty string" that could occur when using the RFC plugin on C source files that use #include to include other C source code (#1777).
  • Fixed problem where Reactis would report "bug: Exception Io was raised" if a C source file was located in a write-protected folder and caching for C files was enabled (#1768).
  • Fixed "S-Function terminated by operating system" error that could occur for some TargetLink 3.0 blocks (#1778).
  • Fixed problem where test and step information was not shown in the Reactis Simulator status bar after a simulation error occurred (#1774).
  • Improved error message if a model contained a "Pulse Generator" block configured to use an external source (#1771).
  • Improved error messages for some unsupported functions in validator expression objectives (#1776).

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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