June 14, 2012

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2012

Reactis V2012

Faster Model Import

V2012 includes a number of optimizations that substantially speed up the import of large models into Reactis, especially models with large amounts of workspace data. Speed-ups by a factor of 10 or more have been observed for some models. For example, for one large automotive OEM model the import time went from 30 minutes to 2 minutes.

Model-Specific Settings

All Reactis settings that affect the behavior of models can now be modified on a model-by-model basis. Changes to these settings (made in the Info File Editor via the "Edit" menu in Reactis) now take effect only for the currently loaded model. When loading a new model in Reactis or loading a model that had been used previously with an older version of Reactis, default settings (available via "File->Default Model-Specific Settings") will be applied.

When installing V2012, the default settings are automatically set to the same values as the previously global settings, allowing a smooth transition to the new settings concept.

Since an .rtp file (which stores parameters used when a test suite was created with Reactis Tester) also contains the contents of the .rsi file used by the model, the new settings concept automatically makes sure that all model behavior settings are the same when re-using the .rtp file.

Improved Bus Support

A number of improvements have been made to simplify handling bus data types in Reactis:
  • The graphical inport type editor dialog in the Info File Editor now supports editing bus data types.
  • A new dialog for inspecting values within buses has been added. To open the dialog, right-click on a block or signal and select "Inspect Value". Additionally, when adding a watched variable or opening a scope, a new dialog allows you to select specific signals within a bus.
  • Support exporting a test suite to .m or .mat for models with bus data types on top-level inports or outports.
  • Support access to bus and vector/matrix elements within Data Store Read/Write blocks.
  • Allow Constant block to output bus data types.
  • Draw lines carrying bus or vector/matrix signals different from lines carrying scalar signals.

Embedded MATLAB Support

Reactis V2012 includes initial support for Embedded MATLAB, including the MATLAB Function and Truth Table blocks in Simulink and MATLAB and Truth Table functions (with MATLAB language option) in Stateflow.

Note that support for the Embedded MATLAB language is is still under development and not all functions, features and data types of the language are currently implemented.

For a list of supported embedded MATLAB features see Section 14.4 in the Reactis User's Guide.

Other newly supported Simulink features

  • Initial support for MATLAB R2012a models. This means Reactis will work with models created and edited with this version; however, not all new features introduced in R2012a are supported. New features will be supported as demand increases. If you would like to see support for a new feature, please send a request to help@reactive-systems.com. We cannot guarantee all requests will be implemented but we use feedback to prioritize the development schedule.
  • Support for Truth Table blocks in Simulink. Note that the underlying language for these blocks is Embedded MATLAB and support is therefore subject to the limitations in Reactis' Embedded MATLAB support.
  • Support using complex MATLAB expressions to specify the size of Stateflow data items. Previously, only constant values or variables defined in the workspace were allowed to specify the size.
  • If a "Display" block in Simulink is configured to show the stored integer of a fixed-point value, Reactis now shows the stored integer value when hovering or adding a watched variable for that block.
  • Support Stateflow graphical functions with multiple return values.

Improvements in the Reactis for C Plugin

  • Reactis now caches the full C machine state after initialization. This significantly reduces initialization times for models with multiple S-Functions configured for white-box analysis via the Reactis for C Plugin.
  • A library used by an S-Function can now be pre-compiled by the Reactis for C Plugin and the pre-compiled version can be added as a library in the RSM file editor. Using this feature you can now work with a pre-compiled library in the Reactis for C Plugin without the source code for the library.
  • If errors occur during compilation of C code, Reactis can now highlight the location of each individual error in the source code.

Other Improvements

  • When exporting a test suite to CSV format, allow to split composite types across multiple columns as well as importing test suites where composite types are split up across multiple columns.
  • When importing CSV or RST test suites, allow assigning fixed values to ports and/or configuration variables.

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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