September 25, 2012

Dear Reactis User:

Reactis for C V2012.1

We are pleased to announce the V2012.1 beta release of Reactis for C. Reactis for C is a testing and validation tool targeted at embedded software developers using the C programming language.

The following new features are included:

Reverse stepping

Reverse single-stepping through source code is supported whenever execution is paused. This feature is particularly useful when execution is interrupted by an error, as it allows you to inspect values as you move backward in time to the original cause of an error.

Support for structures in test harnesses

C structures can now be used in test harnesses. Each individual field of a structure can be selected to serve as a harness input or output. Structure fields are accessed using standard C syntax and automatically appear in the lists of harness input/output candidates in the Reactis Harness Editor.

Pre-compiled libraries

The Reactis build file editor now allows the use of libraries which have been pre-compiled by Reactis, in cases where testing of the library source code is not desired. This allows for faster load times and does not require the source code to be available after the the library has been constructed.

Compile error highlighting

Each individual compile error can now be selected in the Reactis Error dialog and highlighted in the source code.

Function call profiling

Reactis test execution reports now include function call counts and the maximum recursive depth reached by each function.

Improved test suite browser

The test suite browser includes improvements from Reactis V2012, including the ability to hide unwanted rows and only display steps which satisfy a Boolean expression.

Support for Windows UNC paths

Windows UNC (Universal Naming Convention) paths are now supported.

Header file information

When you hover on a #include directive, the location of the included header file is displayed.

Infinite loop timeout

You can now specify a maximum time interval after which execution is interrupted if no outputs have been produced. This makes it easier to determine the cause of infinite or excessively long loops.

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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