February 27, 2015

Dear Reactis User:

Reactis for C V2014.1 (beta) is now available.

Reactis for C V2014.1 (beta)

Reactis for C V2014.1 (beta) improves interoperability between models and C code by making it possible to create test harnesses in cases where the types used in the model do not match those in the C code. For example, a "Boolean" inport in the model might be changed to "unsigned char" in the C code. In Reactis for C V2014.1, this can be handled directly within the test harness without the need to write any wrapper code.

In addition to more flexible test harnesses, notable new features in this beta release include support for importing test harnesses from models which have bus inputs or outputs, difference scopes (used to view differences between model and code outputs), and the ability to generate test execution reports in XML format.

New features added since V2014:

  • A structure can be used as a single aggregate input or output in a test harness. Previously, structures were always partitioned into separate inputs/outputs for each field.
  • Type conversions can now be applied to harness inputs or outputs, improving interoperability between models and C code.
  • When importing a test harness from an .rsi file, multiple prefixes can be given to match an input/output/constraint variable with a corresponding variable in the program under test.
  • Difference scopes can be opened on any test harness output.
  • Test execution reports can be exported to XML.
  • The error tolerance can be set individually for each output in a test harness.
  • Variables may be declared after the first statement within a block or within a for statement, as allowed by C99.
  • Inconsistently bracketed initializers are allowed in accordance with C99.

The following bugs were fixed since V2014:

  • Fixed incorrect "memory error" message when a field is retrieved from a dereferenced structure pointer (#3046).
  • Fixed case where multi-bit bitfields in large structures were misaligned (#3031).
  • Fixed "unable to open directory" error when the "build" button is clicked (#2999).
  • Fixed "empty stack" bug when stepping backwards into a decision (#2970).
  • Fixed GUI freeze when enabling Simulator or Tester (#2937).
  • Fixed bug causing invalid test suite to be created when constant configuration variables are used (#2877).
  • Fixed issue when the decision metric is set to "expressions which control if/while/for statements or the ? operator" (#2841).
  • Fixed expression evaluation error when generating a test suite for a program containing a constant Boolean configuration variable (#2815).
  • Fixed name of setting "On conversion from floating-point to integer" (#2797).
  • Fixed wrapping of overflow during conversion from double to char (#2779).
  • Fixed crash when generating a coverage report for a program which contains coverage targets within macro expansions (#2775).
  • Allow a function with a formal argument of type pointer-to-structure to be used as a harness entry (#2755).

Additional Note:

  • When editing an .rsh file in V2014.1, be aware that any type conversions applied will not be recognized when the .rsh file is loaded in Reactis for C V2014.0 or earlier.

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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