December 18, 2015

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis® V2015.2 and Reactis Model Inspector V2015.2.

Reactis V2015.2

Newly Supported Simulink Features

The following Simulink features are supported in Reactis V2015.2:
  • MATLAB R2015b.
  • “bind” actions in Stateflow charts.
  • Support statistical functions std, mean, and var in Embedded MATLAB.

Validator improvements

  • Reactis now supports linking Validator objectives to requirements documents. Currently, links can be established to Microsoft Word and Excel documents.
  • Added capability to connect Simulink signals to Validator objectives within the Reactis main panel via drag-and-drop.

API improvements

  • Added set of MATLAB functions that greatly simplify using the Reactis API within MATLAB.
  • Added rsExtractSubsystem function which provides the same functionality as “Extract subsystem” in the Reactis GUI.
  • Allow modifying model-specific search path and pre- and post-load function via rsSetParameterValue.
  • Added rsRsiDefaultInputs function to reset input restrictions in a .rsi file to their original settings.

Reactis for C Plugin

  • New coverage metrics: function coverage and function call coverage.

Other Enhancements

  • Added option to produce a warning (instead of error) when a inf/nan value, integer overflow or integer saturation is detected.
  • Start Reactis and load a model by double-clicking on a .rsi file

Reactis Model Inspector V2015.2

  • Support MATLAB R2015b.

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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