June 14, 2019

Dear Reactis User:

Reactis for C V2019 and the V2018.0.1 patch are now available.

Reactis for C V2019

The V2019 release includes all bug fixes that were included in the V2018.0.1 patch plus the following new features.

  • You can now add instrumentation code containing assertions and user-defined targets to a program without modifying any of the source files. The instrumentation code is stored separately and integrated with the code under test when the program is executed within Reactis.
  • The User-Guided Simulation mode of Reactis Simulator now lets you specify an expression for any input. This is useful for generating a functional input signal such as a ramp or sine wave. A number of convenience features have also been added, such as the ability to open a scope directly from the Next Input Values dialog.
  • Individual structure members and array elements can now be watched. The value of the watched member is displayed on a separate line in the watched variables panel and is highlighted with a yellow background when it changes.
  • For easier visualization of test data, you can now open a scope directly within the Test Suite Browser for any signal contained in a test suite.
  • Performance improvements when working with very large programs.

Reactis for C V2018.0.1

The following bugs were fixed since V2018:

  • Duplicate output is added to a test harness (4002).
  • Huge C array causes an "overflow" error (4004).
  • Synchronizing types when there are no changes causes type information to be lost (4028).
  • "Implicit conversion" error when calling a function with a formal argument type of "const struct" (4099).
  • Bitwise negation produces an overflow for types "unsigned char" and "unsigned int" (4181).
  • "continue" statement causes enclosing loop to terminate (4189).
  • Function call with constant formal arguments is flagged as an "illegal assignment" (4198).
  • Scope groups are missing from menus when the GUI language is Japanese (4224).
  • Integer division by zero produces a "bug" message instead of an "error" message (4250).
  • Infinite and NaN values produced by math library functions were not detected (4266).
  • The "User-defined target" and "assertion" check-box settings are swapped when re-opening the Tester dialog (4298).
  • Fixed timeout error when reloading a program that takes a long time (10 or more minutes) to compile (4305).
  • Syntax error when editing the type of a structure containing a void pointer (4313).

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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