December 20, 2019

Dear Reactis User:

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2019.2 and Reactis Model Inspector V2019.2 as well as the Reactis V2019.0.3 and Reactis V2018.2.6 patches.

Reactis V2019.2

The V2019.2 release of Reactis includes all bug fixes that were included in patch releases up to V2019.0.3 plus the new features listed below.

Newly Supported Simulink Features

  • MATLAB R2019b.
  • Event Listener blocks listening to ``Initialize'' and ``Terminate'' events.

Reactis for C Plugin

When adding source files to a library it is now possible to add files recursively from all subfolders.

Reactis for EML Plugin

It is now possible to do white-box analysis of external EML functions (defined via .m files) called from the EML functions in the model. To do so, add any external function for which white-box tracking is desired via the Edit->External EML Functions menu. Additionally, the supported subset of Embedded MATLAB has been extended to include:

  • Nested functions
  • repmat, polyval, eps, rcond


The following functions have been added to the Reactis API:

  • rsRsiGetDependncies and rsRsiSetDependencies functions to set and query the model's additional dependencies (Edit->Dependencies in the GUI).
  • rsModelStatistics function which returns a list of statistics describing the size of the model.

Other improvements

  • When adding Simulink.Parameter workspace variables as configuration variables, Reactis automatically retrieves ranges set in the Simulink.Parameter object and applies them to the configuration variable.
  • Reactis can analyze a model to retrieve information about the model's size. Either select View->Get Model Statistics in the GUI or use the rsModelStatistics API function within MATLAB.

Reactis Model Inspector V2019.2

The V2019.2 release of Reactis Model Inspector includes the following new features listed.

Newly Supported Simulink Features

  • Support MATLAB R2019b.

Reactis V2019.0.3

The following bugs were fixed since V2019.0.2:

  • "Error: Invalid model file" if active variant is a referenced system (#4457).
  • EML function can overwrite current simulation time (#4454).

Reactis V2018.2.6

The following bugs were fixed since V2018.2.5:

  • EML function can overwrite current simulation time (#4454).

You may download the patches or full installers from the Reactis User Pages.

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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