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March 16, 2006

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2006.0.4.

The following features were added since V2006.0.4.

  1. If no Data Store Memory block for X exists a model, but there is a workspace data item X of type Simulink.Signal, then Simulink creates a temporary Data Store Memory block with that name at the top-level of the model. Data Store Read and Write blocks in the model can read and write such implicitly declared Memory blocks. Reactis now supports this type of implicit declaration of Data Store Memory blocks.

The following bugs were fixed since V2006.0.3.

  1. Fixed problem when using Reactis on a Windows Domain if it is installed in different locations on different computers.
  2. Fixed infinite loop resulting in crash when encountering some rare malformed MDL files.
  3. Fixed "Can't open file" warning message that could occur on startup when running Reactis as a user who does not have administrative privileges.
  4. Fixed Tester error message that occurs when preloading a test suite that includes a configuration variable not included in the RSI file associated with the model.
  5. Allow input events to Stateflow charts that violate the general rule that event names must start with an underscore or letter. Stateflow allows such names if the event name is never used in the chart.
  6. Fixed Tester bug that caused the random phase to crash if the preload phase covered all targets in a model.

You may download the patches or full installers from:

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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