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June 8, 2006

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2006.0.11 and V2006.1.1 (Beta).


The following bugs were fixed since V2006.0.10.

  1. The time required to load models with large Doc blocks (especially those containing embedded images) has been dramatically reduced.
  2. Fixed bug that caused breakpoint icons to continue to be displayed after selecting the "clear all breakpoints" menu item.
  3. Fixed bug that caused a Sum block to output the wrong result if its first input is an unsigned type, its output is a signed type, and the first input is negated. For example, output = -in1+in2, where output has a signed type and in1 has an unsigned type.
  4. For Tapped Delay Line blocks, Reactis now supports setting the "number of delays" parameter to -1 (inherited). Previously, such a setting in a model caused Reactis to issue an error message that included the text "uncaught exception: size".
  5. Corrected an incorrect execution order computed for models with certain configuration of enabled or triggered subsystems.

V2006.1.1 (Beta)

The following new features have been added since V2006.1.

  1. A new feature was added to store recent error and warning messages for a model in the Reactis profile (.rsp) file. Since Reactis maintains an .rsp file for each model, a separate list of errors will be maintained for each model. The list of stored errors and warnings for the currently loaded model can be viewed by selecting "View -> Show Recent Errors". The list can be cleared by selecting "View -> Clear Recent Errors".

The following bugs were fixed since V2006.1.

  1. All fixes for V2006.0.11.
  2. Fixed a problem with the initial value of the "Model Encoding" setting. This should eliminate warnings of the form "unsupported model encoding: default".
  3. Fixed bug that caused "undefined function: ..." error for some C functions called from Stateflow.
  4. Initialize fixed-point S-Function outputs with real-world 0 instead of stored-integer 0.

You may download the patches or full installers from:

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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