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August 15, 2006

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2006.1.4 (beta).

The following new features were added since V2006.1.3.

  1. Reactis now supports the use of expressions (possibly containing references to workspace variables) in Stateflow variable initialization.
  2. A version check for .mwi cache files has been added. This feature ensures that Reactis will only use a cached .mwi file if that file was created with the same Reactis version.
  3. Several functions (listed below) have been added to the Reactis API. For usage details, please see the reactis.h header file.
    • rsVersionParse
    • rsSimUpdateOutputs
    • rsSuiteGetReactisVersion
    • rsSuiteGetNumTests
    • rsSuiteGetTestNumSteps
    • rsSuiteGetTestName
    • rsGetCoverageCriteriaCount
    • rsGetCoverageCriteriaName
    • rsGetCoverageCriteriaNumTargets
    • rsGetCoverageCriteriaNumCovered
    • rsGetCoverageCriteriaNumUncovered
    • rsGetCoverageCriteriaNumUnreachable
    • rsGetCoverageCriteriaPercentCovered

The following bugs were fixed since V2006.1.3.

  1. Fixed problem that caused Reactis to generate the error message "bug: Expected array, found value of type X".

You may download the patches or full installers from:

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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