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October 15, 2007

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2006.3.10 (beta).

The following new features were added since V2006.3.9.

  • When exporting test suites to .m format for import into Simulink, the test data may now include structures and arrays. The same data types are now supported for export to .mat and .m formats.
  • Japanese and German versions of installer are now available.
  • Reactis now offers Japanese translations of almost all menus, dialogs, and messages.
  • When generating test suites, he Tester run-time dialog now displays the number of covered targets in addition to the percentage of covered targets.
  • Reactis now stores Simulator coverage highlighting settings in the .rsp file associated with a model, causing them to be retained from one invocation of Reactis to the next.
  • Reactis now offers the option to automatically check for updates once per day.
  • Reactis Tester and Validator now allow the user to select multiple test-suite files to be preloaded.
  • Reactis Tester currently allows the Tester launch parameters to be captured in a .rtp file. This feature has been extended to embed the .rsi file used during a Tester run in the .rtp file. The .rtp file may be extracted using the menu item "File -> Extract RSI File".
  • New "View->Expand Tree" and "View->Collapse Tree" menu items offer a quick way to expand or collapse all nodes of the tree in the hierarchy panel.
  • On start-up, Reactis now creates the main window with the location and size it had when last closed.
  • In Reactis for C RSM files, relative search paths are now supported.
  • The Reactis for C panel that displays source code now displays line numbers as well as a grid to ease matching a code fragment to its line number.

The following bugs have been fixed since V2006.3.9.

  • Fixed bug that caused error when connecting to V2006.0.x (x>0) license manager.
  • When conditional input branch execution is enabled, in order to compute the set of blocks to include in an ignorable branch trace back through nested Switch blocks.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Stateflow custom C code to not be displayed after reloading a model.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a "Io: flushOut failed" message.
  • When C source code has changes, Reactis now properly prompts the user to reload it.
  • When asking for "reload" confirmation, do not block other Reactis windows.
  • Fixed bug that caused "Preload Files" list box to be very small after clicking the "Back" button in the "Test Suite Generation Finished" dialog.
  • Fixed problem that could occur when trying to connect to license managers older than V2006.3.8 from the Reactis API.
  • Fixed bug that caused "backend died" error when working with MATLAB data objects in some cases.
  • Fixed bug that could cause an "infinite loop" warning in Stateflow after stopping at a breakpoint.
  • Fixed "Uncaught exception: Match" error when encountering a bus object containing just a single signal.
  • Fixed bug that caused two "Conditional Subsystems" check boxes to be displayed in the Tester launch dialog.
  • Fixed bug in license manager that could cause Reactis to lock up when opening the "Settings" dialog or displaying the currently configured license servers.

You may download the patches or full installers from:

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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