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April 29, 2005

We are pleased to announce the availability of Reactis V2004.3.4 (beta).

The following features were added since V2004.3.3.

  1. Added Path tab to the Info File Editor to enable users to set model-specific search paths. Reactis searches the model-specific path before the global path (specified in the Settings dialog).
  2. Added functionality to simplify editing the Reactis search path (both the global and model-specific paths). This includes copy and paste operations, a capability to modify individual entries, and in import button which, when clicked, imports the MATLAB search path.
  3. Added MATLAB tab to Reactis settings dialog that includes the following configuration options for how Reactis launches MATLAB:
    • a pulldown to set the version of MATLAB to invoke
    • a checkbox that, when checked, causes Reactis to prepend the Reactis search path to the MATLAB path when Reactis invokes MATLAB
    • a checkbox that, when checked, causes Reactis to use pathdef.m and startup.m files that reside in the same folder as a model. That is, if such files exist, then when Reactis invokes MATLAB it first sets the path according to pathdef.m and then invokes startup.m
  4. Added support for ``Use index as starting value'' setting in Selector blocks.
  5. The license tab of the Settings dialog and the license monitor utility now display the MAC address(es) in the computer on which Reactis or the license monitor are running.

The following bugs were fixed since V2004.3.3.

  1. Fixed ``Size'' bug when invoking Simulator or Tester on very large model files.
  2. Fixed bug where configuration variable changes were not propagated if a configuration variable was used to initialize a mask variable of the same name.
  3. Fixed bug where comparison operator for ``Compare to Constant'' blocks was not recognized properly.
  4. Fixed drawing of ``Arithmetic shift'' block in R14 models.
  5. Fixed bug where boundary coverage of input ports with step sizes was sometimes not achieved.

You may download the patch or full installer from:

Best Regards,
The Reactis Team

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