Reactis for C Beta Available

Cary, NC (February 27, 2015) -- Reactis® for C V2014.1 (beta) is now available. The release includes a number of new features aimed at simplifying the back-to-back testing of C code against a Simulink® model.


The Reactis for C harness import, introduced in V2014, automatically generates a test harness from a Simulink model and an .rsi file. An .rsi file is created by Reactis for Simulink when generating tests from a model. It contains information that Reactis uses for test generation such as constraints on top-level input ports. The harness import feature has been enhanced in V2014.1. For example, the import can now map bus inports of a model to C structures.

Reactis for C 2014.1 further facilitates back-to-back testing with a flexible new type conversion mechanism in Reactis for C test harnesses. The mechanism makes it possible to test C code against a model when the types of top-level inputs and outputs of the code and model do not match exactly. For example, a "Boolean" inport in the model might be changed to "unsigned char" in the C code. In Reactis for C V2014.1, this can be handled directly within the test harness without the need to write any wrapper code. These type conversions in the harness make it possible to directly run tests generated from a model on C code.

V2014.1 also includes difference scopes, a feature supported by Reactis for Simulink for some time. When running a test in Reactis Simulator, difference scopes visualize with a plot any differences between the output values stored in a test and those computed by the running C code. So when running tests generated from a model on C code, it is now easy to see any differences between the output values computed by the model and those computed by the C code.

A final new feature of note is the ability to export test execution reports in XML format.

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