All Reactis Products Updated in V2022 Release

Cary, NC (June 22, 2022) -- We are pleased to announce that the V2022 Reactis release is now available, offering updates to all Reactis products. Reactis for Simulink V2022 includes improvements to Reactis Tester to achieve better coverage for models with counters and timers, improved data observation in Reactis Simulator for signals not updated in a step, support for MATLAB® R2022a, and more. Reactis for C V2022 gives users the ability to turn off coverage tracking within a specified C file or C function. The Reactis License Manager V2022 add supports for access control for floating licenses. Administrators can define users and passwords and require authentication from the Reactis clients to access licenses.

For details please see the Reactis V2022 release announcement.

About Reactive Systems. Reactive Systems, founded in 1999, is a software testing and validation company with offices in Cary, NC and Nagoya, Japan. The Company develops the Reactis family of tools that support the test and debug of embedded software applications developed using Simulink, Stateflow®, and C code.

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