Falls Church, VA (June 3, 2002) -- Reactive Systems, Inc. (RSI) announced the first release of its Reactis embedded-software design automation (ESDA) tool suite today.

Reactis is targeted at control-system developers, according to Rance Cleaveland, CEO of RSI. "Our goal is to help control-software engineers improve their software while reducing their development costs," he said.

Reactis supports a model-based software-development paradigm, said Scott Smolka, President of RSI. Using the Reactis Tester tool, engineers may generate thorough yet compact test suites from models of software given in The MathWorks, Inc.'s market-leading Simulink® / Stateflow® notations. Reactis also includes tools for visualizing the execution of these tests and for running tests on software.

"Model-based software development holds great promise for embedded-software developers," said Steve Sims, Chief Technology Officer of RSI. "Modeling before writing source code enables developers to analyze design decisions earlier. Our tools allow users to get even more bang for their modeling buck by automating model-driven testing.

Sims said that Reactis can be used to ensure conformance between software models and source code, since the tests generated from a model can be run on its implementation to check for behavioral conformance. "This helps both for people engineering source from models as well as people reverse-engineering models from legacy code," he said.

Reactis is available immediately, both by CD and by download, for $5,000 per concurrent license per year. Free demonstration licenses are also available.

About Reactive Systems, Inc. RSI is headquartered in Falls Church, VA, with an office in Port Jefferson, NY. Founded by researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, the company develops and sells embedded-software design automation tools. The technology underpinning Reactis, the company's flagship tool suite, was developed with the help of over $10 million in federal basic research funding obtained by the company founders.

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