New Eagle, Reactive Systems Enter Marketing Agreement

Falls Church, VA (August 15, 2002) -- New Eagle Software, LLC and Reactive Systems, Inc. (RSI) announced today a cooperative marketing agreement between the two firms.

Under the terms of the agreement, New Eagle, a leading provider of software and services for model-based embedded control software development, will provide marketing and sales support for RSI's powerful Reactis automatic test-generation software.

New Eagle sees great benefit for customers of the two companies, said Rich Swortzel, CEO of New Eagle. "We now have a framework for providing users with access to the latest tools and processes for cutting testing costs while improving software quality."

"The combination of Reactis superior test-generation capabilities and New Eagle's extensive experience in model-based software development will significantly enhance the testing of control software," added Rance Cleaveland, CEO of RSI.

Cleaveland and Swortzel both noted that as embedded control software becomes more complex and liability concerns increase, they foresee such testing approaches becoming a necessary component in any effective development process for embedded software.

About Reactis. RSI's Reactis tool automatically generates test vector sequences from Simulink®/ Stateflow® models. It also provides facilities managing test data and visualizing test execution. The tool builds tests whose objective is to achieve complete branch coverage of Simulink blocks and complete state, transition action, and condition action coverage of Stateflow diagrams. The resulting tests can be executed either in MathWorks' Matlab® environment or in Reactis itself, which graphically displays model coverage information and allows for model simulation with random or user-provided inputs. Reactis' simulation facility also supports reverse simulation, breakpoints, and signal graphing. The tool is based on technology developed by the company's founders with the support of over $10 million in federally funded research grants.

About New Eagle. New Eagle has worked with RSI to transform RSI's powerful technology from an academic tool to a commercial product usable by practicing engineers. The firm has developed modeling style guides and automation scripts to fit Reactis into companies' production processes for embedded software and to generate "safety-critical" test vectors including MCDC, boundary value, and others. New Eagle provides training for Reactis and has created migration paths for companies to integrate the tool into production processes while insuring management buy-in.

New Eagle Software, LLC was founded in April 2000 and has offices in Ann Arbor, MI and Columbus IN. New Eagle is a leader in the tools application and process development for model-based embedded controls. The firm provides consulting services, outsourced engineering including turn-key control systems, and on-site contracting. For more information about New Eagle, visit or call 734-822-7700.

About Reactive Systems. Reactive Systems, Inc. is a market innovator and leading producer of design tools for embedded software, including testing and validation plugins for Simulink/Stateflow. Founded in February 1999, Reactive Systems has its headquarters in the Washington DC suburb of Falls Church, VA. For more information about RSI visit or call 703-534-6458.

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