RSI Releases Reactis Version 2002.1

Falls Church, VA (August 26, 2002) -- Reactive Systems, Inc. (RSI) announced the release of Version 2002.1 of its Reactis embedded-software design automation (ESDA) tool suite today. The updated versions of both Tester and Simulator include numerous enhancements, including several new features, support for new Simulink® blocks, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

"With the newly supported Simulink blocks available in Version 2002.1, Reactis now supports a substantial subset of the blocks used for modeling embedded control software," said Rance Cleaveland, CEO, Reactive Systems, "and we continue to work with our customers to add more new blocks they need as we move towards supporting the full discrete-time subset of Simulink."

Cleaveland noted that Version 2002.1 also includes a number of noticeable performance improvements including an advanced model caching facility which greatly reduces the time required to load models into both Reactis Tester and Reactis Simulator. Cleaveland added that "improvements to Tester will enable users to generate test suites that obtain better model coverage in less time, especially for models that include only Simulink and no Stateflow®." Cleaveland further explained that "a number of the users of the inaugural Version 2002 of Reactis use either very little or no Stateflow in their models, so, although these users were generally happy with performance, we improved our test-generation algorithm for this type of model."

A full list of the enhancements available in Version 2002.1 of Reactis may be found in the latest installment of The Reactis Communicator mailing list:

Reactis V2002.1 is available immediately and runs on the Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms. Reactis is priced at US $5000 per year per concurrent license. Free 30-day evaluation licenses are available.

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