Reactis V2003.1.2 Offers Improved Tool-Chain Integration

Falls Church, VA (August 7, 2003) -- Reactive Systems, Inc. (RSI) announced the V2003.1.2 (beta) release of its Reactis™ embedded-software design automation tool today.

The release offers several enhancements to ease the integration of Reactis into existing tool chains. The improvements include an application programming interface (API) that enables engineers to access Reactis functionality from C programs, a capability to import test data generated by other tools, and improvements to the utility that executes Reactis-generated tests within the Matlab®/Simulink®/Stateflow® environment of The MathWorks, Inc.

"As the use of Reactis moves from advanced pilot projects to production use, easy integration with other tools becomes more and more important," said Rance Cleaveland, CEO of Reactive Systems. "We've been working closely with our customers to make Reactis work as seamlessly as possible with other tools. We think the V2003.1.2 release marks a significant step towards this goal."

The V2003.1.2 release also includes several improvements to the data visualization capabilities of Reactis. Multiple data items may now be plotted within a single scope. A "profile" facility has also been added to enable users to capture a snapshot of the configuration of scopes and watched variables to be opened in a later Reactis session.

Reactis Validator has also undergone several improvements. Validator offers automated requirements checking for models of software given in The MathWorks, Inc.'s market-leading Simulink / Stateflow notations. Among the improvements are Cut/Copy/Paste operations for Validator objectives.

RSI is a privately held company headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia.

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