Reactis for C Plugin Now Available

Falls Church, VA (October 31, 2007) -- Reactive Systems, Inc. (RSI) announced the launch of Reactis for C Plugin today. The new product integrates seamlessly with Reactis to offer white-box testing and validation of the C-code portions of models (S-Functions and calls to C from Stateflow). Together Reactis and Reactis for C Plugin automate the generation of test data from, and validation of models constructed with Simulink, Stateflow, and C code.

With the C Plugin, Reactis Tester generates test suites that aim for structural coverage of the C code in addition to coverage of the Simulink and Stateflow portions of a model.

With Reactis for C Plugin, the advanced debug capabilities of Reactis Simulator extend beyond Simulink and Stateflow and into C code. With the new functionality, the user may step seamlessly from Simulink into an S-Function or from Stateflow into custom C code as well as set break points in C code and track coverage in C code.

More details regarding Reactis for C Plugin may be found at

About Reactis. RSI's Reactis tool provides automated test- generation and model-validation capabilities for Simulink/Stateflow models of control software. The tool can be used to test for conformance between a model and implementation code, and it can also be employed to validate model behavior. Reactis is used at over 40 major companies worldwide in the automotive, aerospace, and heavy-equipment industries.

About Reactive Systems. Reactive Systems, founded in 1999, is a privately held company based in the Washington DC suburb of Falls Church, VA. For more information about RSI visit or call +1-703-534-6458.

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