Reactive Systems to Exhibit at dSPACE 2008 User Conference

(September 9, 2008) -- Reactive Systems, Inc. (RSI) will exhibit at the dSPACE 2008 North American User Conference to be held September 22-25, 2008 at the VisTaTech Center on the campus of Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan. The Company will demonstrate Reactis®, its market-leading testing and validation package for Simulink/Stateflow and TargetLink models as well as the recently launched Reactis for C Plugin. Reactis for C integrates seamlessly with Reactis to offer white-box analysis of the C code portions of models (S-Functions and Stateflow custom C code).

About the dSPACE User Conference. The dSPACE 2008 North American User Conference creates a stimulating environment for model-based tool users to share their knowledge and to access the expertise of dSPACE and its partners. Those who attend will gain an improved understanding of how dSPACE and partnered third-party tool vendors work together to create engineering and software solutions across many industries. Areas of discussion include: Testing and automation; building model-based development processes; practical automatic code generation methods; system integration testing, and many other topics.

About Reactis. RSI's Reactis tool provides automated test-generation and model-validation capabilities for Simulink/Stateflow models of control software. The tool can be used to test for conformance between a model and implementation code, and it can also be employed to validate model behavior. Reactis offers proven technology used for over 6 years at major companies worldwide in the automotive and aerospace industries. Reactis for C Plugin integrates seamlessly with Reactis to offer white-box analysis of S-Functions and Stateflow Custom C code.

About Reactive Systems. Reactive Systems, founded in 1999, is a privately held, US-based company. For more information about RSI visit or call +1-919-324-3507.

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