Reactis V2010.2 Released

Cary, NC (November 19, 2010) -- Today Reactive Systems, Inc. released version V2010.2 of its Reactis® testing and validation tool for Simulink models. The new version includes updates to both the base Reactis product as well as the Reactis for C Plugin. Some highlights are as follows.

Support for a number of new Simulink® and Stateflow® features was added in V2010.2. The newly supported features include:

  • MathWorks R2010b models.
  • Enumerated data types.
  • Models using self-modification commands such as set_param.
  • Rounding modes Convergent, Round, and Simplest.
  • Stateflow operators hasChanged, hasChangedFrom, and hasChangedTo.
  • The Vector Concatenate block.

Another notable new feature is a multi-core version of Reactis Tester that takes advantage of multi-core architectures to achieve faster test generation. The parallel test generation is launched from the same simple dialog that starts single-threaded Reactis Tester by simply adding an additional parameter.

Reactis V2010.2 also touts a revamped toolbar and a capability to limit the number of inputs that change in a step during test generation.

The new release also includes enhancements to the Reactis for C Plugin. New buttons in the toolbar offer improved control when stepping through C code in Reactis Simulator. The user can now step into a function, step out of a function, or step over a function. More ways to observe data values are also now available. Variables in C code can now be added as watched variables and scopes can be opened for global variables in C code.

About Reactis. Reactis offers automated test-generation and validation capabilities for the Simulink/Stateflow modeling notation of The MathWorks. The tool can be used to test for conformance between a model and implementation code, and it can also be employed to validate model behavior. Reactis is used at dozens of companies worldwide in the automotive and aerospace industries.

About Reactive Systems. Reactive Systems is a privately held company founded in 1999 and based in the Cary, NC.

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