Reactis for C Release Candidate Available

Cary, NC (January 26, 2011) -- We are pleased to announce the completion of all features to be included in the upcoming launch of Reactis for C V2011. Final testing and documentation are now under way.

To assist us with our final testing we are seeking more beta testers. The release candidate can be easily downloaded from the Reactis User Pages.

Reactis for C brings the proven capabilities of Reactis for Simulink® to users developing embedded software using the C programming language. Reactis Tester automatically generates comprehensive yet compact test suites from a C program. The tests aim to exercise all statements, decisions, conditions, and even MC/DC targets within C code. By thoroughly exercising a program, Reactis often uncovers runtime errors that are so easy to introduce when when programming in C.

Reactis Validator lets you instrument your code with assertions and then do an automated search for violations of the assertions. When an assertion violation is found (or a runtime error is detected) a test is recorded to easily replay the scenario that leads to the error using the Reactis Simulator component of the tool.

A white paper describes in more detail how to find bugs in C code using Reactis for C.

About Reactive Systems. Reactive Systems, founded in 1999, is a privately held company based in the Cary, NC. For more information about RSI visit or call +1-919-324-3507.

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