Product Launch: Reactis Model Inspector

Cary, NC (November 26, 2012) -- Reactive Systems is pleased to announce the inaugural release of Reactis Model Inspector. This latest member of the Reactis product line offers a low-cost, lightweight tool for viewing Simulink models and testing artifacts created for them by Reactis. Model Inspector directly reads .mdl files produced by Simulink and .rsi and .rst files produced by Reactis. The tool is aimed at members of an engineering team who need to review Simulink models and testing artifacts but not generate tests or debug the model. Some capabilities include:

  • Hierarchical browsing of models, including Simulink, Stateflow, C Code (included as S-Functions or Stateflow custom C code), and Embedded MATLAB code.
  • Tracing signals through the model.
  • Text search of the model (including C code and Embedded MATLAB code).
  • Browsing Reactis-constructed test suites (.rst files).
  • Browsing (but not editing) Reactis Info Files (.rsi files).

Reactis Model Inspector is now available from the Reactis User Pages. For pricing information please contact Reactive Systems or the distributor in your region.

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