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June 6, 2023
Reactis for C Plugin
Using Reactis for C Plugin
Reactis for C Plugin integrates seamlessly with Reactis.

Core Reactis treats S-Functions and Stateflow custom C code as black boxes. Purchasing a Reactis for C Plugin license opens up these black boxes and gives users the capability to analyze the C code they contain.

Reactis Tester generates test data automatically from models. The tool selects test data using structural-coverage criteria, such as decision coverage, condition coverage, and Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC). With the C Plugin, Reactis aims for structural coverage of the C code in addition to coverage of the Simulink and Stateflow portions of a model.

Reactis Validator allows users to instrument models with checks for assessing model behavior and targets for guiding the generation of test data. With the Reactis for C Plugin, the C portions of models may be subjected to this validation.

Reactis Simulator enables users to visualize model execution. Simulator's user interface is similar to those of traditional debuggers from programming languages: it allows users to step through the execution of models by hand as well as set break points. Simulator also supports reverse execution, the replay of tests generated by Reactis Tester, the graphical display of different coverage metrics, and the capability to fine-tune Tester-generated test suites.

With Reactis for C Plugin these advanced debug capabilities extend beyond Simulink and Stateflow and into C code. Step seamlessly from Simulink into an S-Function or from Stateflow into custom C code and set break points and track coverage in the C code.